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Jun 14,2012

Jewel Staite Screencaps – Stargate Atlantis 4.13 Quarantine

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I’ve uploaded screencaps of Jewel in the Stargate Atlantis episode 4.13 Quarantine.

thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0056.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0095.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0532.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0568.jpg

Gallery: Home > Television > Stargate: Atlantis (Series Regular 2007-2009) > Screencaptures >Season 4 > 4.13 Quarantine

Jan 12,2012

The L.A. Complex 1.01 Pilot Screencaps

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Screencaps of Jewel Staite in the The L.A. Complex episode 1.01 Pilot are up!

thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0003.jpg thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0005.jpg thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0040.jpg thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0049.jpg thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0117.jpg thumb_ariane179254_TheLAComplex_1x01_Pilot_0219.jpg

Gallery: Home > Television > The L.A. Complex > Screencaptures > 1.01 Pilot

Jan 12,2012

The L.A. Complex Episode Stills

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Episode stills from The L.A. Complex 1.01 Pilot are also up!

thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0001.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0002.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0003.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0004.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0005.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0006.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Stills_1x01_Pilot_0007.jpg

Jan 12,2012

The L.A. Complex – Promotional Photos

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Promotional images of Jewel from The L.A. Complex are up!

thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0001.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0002.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0003.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0004.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0006.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0005.jpg thumb_TheLAComplex_Season1_Promotional_0007.png

Dec 22,2011

Malware Infection Cleaned Up

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We were infected with malware, and my host had to restore a clean backup from mid-September. When that was done, I kept getting a DNS error whenever I tried to get here and it was finally fixed today. Apparently the error only affected some people, because I was told some could get here normally.

Anyway, we lost some stuff so luckily, I also make daily database backups myself. I have restored from my personal database and file backups the posts here on the main site, the gallery and forum. We may have lost one or two posts made to the forum after the last daily backup and I had to re-upgrade all the various scripts to latest versions, but all in all, it could’ve been a lot worse! Now I just have to get google to remove the warning page.

I also took this opportunity to change the look of the gallery.

Dec 09,2011

The L.A. Complex

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Jewel’s new tv series Highland Gardens is now The L.A. Complex, and it will premiere on CTV and MuchMusic, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (8 p.m. CT, 10 p.m. MT/AT).

Source: Bell Media

Thank you to Lyceus for the heads up!

Nov 21,2011

New Photos

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I have replaced one photoshoot photo with a HQ version, and added lots of new photos of an old event. Easiest way to see them all is to browse by date (reuploaded after the hack).

thumb_Photoshoots_Session003_020.jpg thumb_2005_SerenityPremiere_0085.jpg thumb_2005_SerenityPremiere_0099.jpg

Oct 09,2011

Supernatural Screencaptures

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 And are also the screencaps of Jewel in the Supernatural episode up!

thumb_ariane179254_Supernatural_7x03_TheGirlNextDoor_0008.jpg thumb_ariane179254_Supernatural_7x03_TheGirlNextDoor_0217.jpg thumb_ariane179254_Supernatural_7x03_TheGirlNextDoor_0299.jpg

Gallery: Home > Television > Supernatural > 7.03 The Girl Next Door – Screencaptures

Sep 19,2011

Widow On The Hill Screencaps

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These aren’t mycaps; I found these caps laying around on my hard drive and I have no idea where I got them from except having a faint memory it was some celeb forum? Anyway, if these are your caps, let me know so I can properly credit you! :)

thumb_WidowOnTheHill_0002.jpg thumb_WidowOnTheHill_0003.jpg thumb_WidowOnTheHill_0085.jpg

Gallery: Home > Movies > Widow On The Hill > Screencaptures

Sep 06,2011

New Photos

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I’ve uploaded photos Lyceus shared with us: Stargate Atlantis behind the scenes photos and photos of Jewel attending an unknown event. You can see all of them in the gallery by browsing by date.