Jun 03,2013

Closing Jewel Staite Fansite

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The domain http://www.jewel-staite.org expire two days ago, and as I’d been thinking about closing the site for a couple of months now, instead of asking to Gertie to renew it (she owns the domain) – I’ve decided to really go ahead and close  my Jewel Staite site instead. I’m sorry to came so abrubtly that I couldn’t give you forewarning – the expiration date snuck up on me, and I just noticed it today.

I still like her a lot and I’ll be following her career, but I didn’t really like the last few projects that she did, and I’d rather use my energy on my other sites. I can always re-open the site later, if I feel like it :)

May 02,2013

Hard Drive Failures On Three Servers – Sites Affected

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Three servers are in early hard drive failure. Gertie has ordered Data Retention and all sites on affected servers will be moved to new hard drives ASAP, but because it’s three servers she isn’t sure how long it’ll take.

These sites of mine are on the affected servers:

According to Gertie, there will be no data loss but might be some downtime while the sites transfer.

Feb 19,2013


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I’m going on a hiatus for 1-2 weeks, due to personal, health-related reasons. During that time, I’ll deal with any server issues and problems and script updates as normal should there be any, but all other things will be on hold.

Jan 30,2013

Hard Drive Failure – Two Sites Affected

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The main hard drive on the server http://www.bloodvelvet.net and http://www.jewel-staite.org are located on is failing and needs to be replaced. Gertie is working on it – if the sites go offline, don’t worry – there are backups and they’ll be back ASAP!

Jan 12,2013


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I’ve upgraded the gallery to the latest stable release.

Dec 14,2012

’The L.A. Complex’ Not Renewed for Third Season by Canada’s MuchMusic Channel

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The low-rated Canadian soap about wannabe stars chasing dreams in Hollywood to possibly end after sophomore run.

The CW drama The L.A. Complex isn’t getting a callback from Canadian broadcaster Bell Media for a third season.

That signals a possible end to the low-rated soap from Epitome Pictures about Canadians chasing the Hollywood dream.

The CW has made no decision on the future of the series on its channel as it holds crunch talks with the Canadian producer, according to sources.

Stephen Sohn, executive producer of Epitome Pictures, said the producer is “still exploring its options for the series,” which include The L.A. Complex possibly landing on another Canadian network.

Bell Media ordered an initial six one-hours of The L.A. Complex and aired the soap on its MuchMusic channel, before The CW acquired the Canadian transplant for its schedule.

The Canadian broadcaster said that the ratings for the second season were well down from the first, leading MuchMusic to decide against a third season order.

The L.A. Complex was created and executive produced by Martin Gero, who wrote for HBO’s Bored to Death before returning to Canada to write the homegrown drama tailored for the U.S. market.

The series was sold to 170 territories outside Canada.

The ensemble cast included Jonathan Patrick Moore (Neighbours) as Connor, an Australian with a dark past, and Cassie Steele (Degrassi) as Abby, a Toronto girl looking to make it far from home.

The L.A. Complex was also executive produced by Linda Schuyler of Epitome Pictures.

SOURCE: whedon.info

Nov 26,2012

Cleaning Up & Refined Alert System

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I went through all my sites today, checking that all scripts, plugins etc. were up-to-date and also did some general cleaning. I’m also taking into a use a further refined alert system that makes it possible for me to post hiatus, server problem etc. notices both on my main domain Crystal Fires that must have everything and only to the site in question (when it comes back online) unlike to all my sites like before – it’s also possible post it on the main domain as well as to either all sites if all are affected or to say to 3, if only 3 sites are affected. So less off topic news to each site with this upgrade.

This post works as a test of the refined system: if everything works as it should, this post should show up on all of my sites.

Jun 14,2012

Jewel Staite Screencaps – Stargate Atlantis 4.13 Quarantine

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I’ve uploaded screencaps of Jewel in the Stargate Atlantis episode 4.13 Quarantine.

thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0056.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0095.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0532.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StargateAtlantis_4x13_Quarantine_0568.jpg

Gallery: Home > Television > Stargate: Atlantis (Series Regular 2007-2009) > Screencaptures >Season 4 > 4.13 Quarantine

Jun 14,2012

Jewel’s Newest Blog At Blastr

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Jewel’s newest blog is up at Blastr.

Jun 09,2012

The L.A. Complex Season 2 Premiere Date

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The L.A. Complex‘s season 2 premieres on CW and MuchMusic on July 17, 2012.