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Exclusive & Elegant Fashion Jewellery Shopping Online

It is said that Diamonds are a woman’s best friend…Any guesses on the second best?? It’s got to be Jewellry!. Jewllery has always fascinated women across the world. It gives a sense of richness and uniqueness to the wearer and hence forms an intrinsic part of any ensemble.

Gods and Goddesses are always depicted wearing heavy jewelry which establishes that jewelry is directly associated with the stature and greatness of a person. Think of any celebration and you find ladies fishing for that best fit piece in their sea of jewelry collection which will make them stand out in the crowd and get compliments galore. In all, it is that piece of perfectly matching jewelry that completes your look and establishes your fashion sense in your circle.

Jewellery spells out the character & attitude of the woman wearing it. Exotic & chunky necklaces, bangles & earrings exude ones bold attitude while the elegant pendant sets with sparkling studs showcase the sophisticated & classy kind. Also, wearing the right kind of jewellery to the occasion in question is important. For a wedding, glittering traditional heavy neck pieces & earrings set with kundan/polka work would complement the ethnic look brilliantly. On the other hand, pearl strings and matching studs could be more appropriate at office parties. In fact, today the fashion industry is continuously churning out new contemporary designs which embrace the intricacies of traditional ethnic jewellery shopping online with a modern twist.

stores. However, the sheer indulgence of females in hoarding all kinds of trendy fashion jewellery was inspiration enough for online portals to flood their websites with a huge variety thus ,opening-up a whole new virtual market place!

Saloni Fashions is one of the leading Indian Ethnic wear & Accessories site with a varied genre of imitation jewellery on display catering to tastes of both domestic & international customers. The Jewellery Section under the Accessories Tab has three main categories, namely- Earrings, Bangles& Bracelets and Necklaces & Pendant Sets.

The Earrings Section is resplendent with studs, danglers, hooked earrings and lock-earrings in colourful gem stones, pearls, antique items to name a few .The Bangles & Bracelets Section has a wide range available in different sizes. The myriad designs exhibited are embellished with beautiful pearls, semi-precious stones, kundan, polki work etc.

The Necklace & Pendant Sets Section is no less enticing. The offerings range from heavy traditional necklaces for festive occasions to contemporary pendant sets for daily wear. Each & every piece carved out of top-quality alloys & finished-off with golden, silver or antique-look is absolutely unique & priceless making it nearly impossible to lay your hands off it!

So what are you waiting for? Buy trendy fashion jewellery from salonifashions today at unbelievable prices from any part of the world!

Fashion Jewelry Pearl Jewelry Set For Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is here again. Are you looking for the best mother’s day gift to show your deep love for your mother? Fashion jewelry pearl jewelry set is a nice choice if you have a modern mother, elegant pearl will show the unique temperament of your mother. I would like to suggest the following fashion jewelry pearl jewelry set for your reference:

1: Mother’s Day Gift Fashion Pearl Flore Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set

Fashion jewelry pearl flower pendant double strand necklace and stud earrings set. Vividly hued and versatile, gleaming white fashion jewelry pearl is a glorious way to add a dash of elegant glamour to any look. The exquisite set is characterized with double design, double round pearl strands of the necklace, double drops of each earring. For your mother, the fashion jewelry set will help to make Mother’s Day memorable.

2: Mother’s Day Gift Fashion Pearl Heart Earrings Necklace Bracelet and Ring Jewelry Set

The whole set of jewelry is all about love. Heart accents add sentimental touches. The luminous hue of white round pearls and stunning sparkle of twinkling clear crystals shine each other in this exquisite set. Elegant and emotional, a perfect mother’s day gift will make the important occasion special for your mom.

3: Mother’s Day Gift Butterfly Fashion Pearl Earrings Necklace Bracelet and Ring Jewelry Set

Inspirited by butterfly, the four-piece fashion jewelry set is breathtakingly worked. Crafted by textured antic silver tone metal into beautiful butterfly shapes, the pieces are embellished with dazzling tiny clear crystals and luminous hued white fashion pearls to create the vivid effect. A perfect mothers’ day gift for your mother this year.

For more charming fashion jewelry pearl jewelry set for mother’s day gift, please visit Jewelrysaga. is Fast – Fashion Jewelry base. Updated every day, estimated 300-600 new fresh product items increased every month, in order to respond quickly to the fast changing fashion trends and customer demands. JewelrySaga offers the next generation of fashion jewelry products, Fast – Fashion Jewelry, that are stylish and matching with the current trends, and the same time at affordable prices. Fast design, fast update, fast process, fast delivery, we make every endeavor to be the largest and fastest online supplier of fashion jewelry products.


About semi-precious stones and there us in creating handmade jewellery.

Semi-precious stones have been treasured for many years and have been used as a form of adornment for as long. A gemstone or as we will refer to them as semi-precious stones are a natural mineral and when these beautiful stones have been cut and polished they are used to create stunning pieces of handmade jewellery. Not all semi-precious stones are strictly gems and they do not all sparkle and shine, natural minerals such as Opals and pearls but neither the less they still come under the heading of semi-precious stones. After these natural stones have been cut and polished they are used set in precious metals to make earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and jewellery sets.

The value of the semi-precious stones will depend on many different factors. One of the determine factors is how rare the stone is, like everything in life the rarer it is the greater its cost. Gemstones like beautiful Rubies and Emeralds are available to us in smaller amounts than Diamonds and this is the reason why they are more expensive. If a stone is in vogue then this may add to its cost as it becomes a piece of semi-precious jewellery that everyone is looking for. The colour, the clarity and the quality of the cut are all factors in the cost of the stone and also its aesthetic nature and if it has both of these the cost will be very high. These stones can be cut and polished into beads and pendants.

Some of the semi-precious stones that we use in the making of handmade jewellery are Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tigers Eye and Amazonite. These can be used on their own or they can be set into precious metals. The beautiful natural colours of these semi-precious stone can create stunning semi-precious jewellery designs like earrings crafted from Rose Quartz cabochons, Rings set with polished Black Onyx stone, necklaces that have the lovely blue stone of Turquoise set into a unique and original sterling silver setting or a bracelet that has been handcrafted from beads made of Tigers Eye.

A sparkling Diamond is the typical gemstone we think of when we think of a typical gemstone and the value of this determined in different ways than other gemstones. The Diamond has been highly valued more for its physical properties of hardness, its stunning clarity, and beautiful brilliance. Other gemstones like Rubies and Sapphires are judged on different qualities such as their depth of colour but in the case of all these stones the larger the carat then higher the value and this will determine the price of the piece of handmade jewellery they have been set in.

These beautiful stones can be used on their own in a semi-precious jewellery designs or they can be mixed and matched creating unique and original jewellery designs. You will find Ruby rings where large single Rubies have been surrounded by small diamond. Pearl earrings that have diamonds added for sparkle and glamour. It could be a bracelet with a mix of gemstones making a colourful piece of unique handmade jewellery.

The same rule applies to pieces of semi-precious jewellery, the natural stones can be used on their own or they can be used in combinations mixing colours and also shaped and size of beads. Pendants of one stone can be set in the centre of a beads necklace of another stone or a total mix of stones can be used. Adding pearls and crystal beads to the mix can give a totally different look to the piece of handmade jewellery making it unique in design. The possibilities are endless and it will all depend on your personal choice and style.

Fashion Jewelry Trends

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

– Yves Saint Laurent

Isn’t it true? Well, only women can understand this, for Fashion Jewelry is something that fascinates them the most.

There are various Fashion Jewelry Items which are worn by both men and women so accessorize their clothes for casual as well as party wear. Some of these are as follows:

Rings: Since ages, rings have beautified the hands of a lady. Big Beaded Rings, Crystal Rings, Diamond Rings, and Gemstone Rings are the part of Trendy Fashion Wear. These are not limited to women but men also have huge liking for the rings. The designs of the rings for both men and women differ a lot. Emerald- and Asscher-shaped rings are preferred by men whereas heart, pear, princes and marquise shapes are suited for women.

Earrings: Danglers with gemstones or with antique look give voluminous and royal look. Therefore, they can be worn in the parties and functions. On the other hand, Small Pearl Earrings, diamonds, etc. are appropriate match with the formal attire.

Necklaces: Necklaces in ancestral metallic look or beaded with gems and stones. Necklaces with the matching earring are best to beat the monotonous look.

Bracelets: They are the unique replacements for the bangles. They add a magnificent charm to the hands by giving an imperial look.

The Internet is vast and there are new creative and luring businesses that are explored by innumerable people. Such is the concept of Fashion Jewelry Online. There are many virtual shops which are one-stop junction where different brands place their product for display and to be purchased through an online mode. Fashion Jewelry Online Shops offer various kinds of jewelry which are contemporary as well as creative in look. Several types of Fashion Jewelry available on these Online Virtual Shops are: Rings, Crystal Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Alloy Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Watches, Vintage & Tribal and many more. These Online Fashion Shops enable the customers to purchase the desired jewelry item while sitting at one place; they can even get the discounts on the jewelry from various brands which are not even located in that particular country.

But it is important for the buyers to consider only popular and reliable virtual shops so that they get the quality product and value for money.

Email Marketing Increases Jewelry Store Sales

Your jewelry store can improve sales during “wedding season” and the holiday season with email marketing. Sometimes “Keeping up with the Jones'” is a good thing! You know that people get engaged “in bunches”. Once one friend “pops the question,” they all follow suit like dominos. Or, when people see others getting gorgeous gifts of jewelry from their spouses during the holiday season, they will toe-the-line as well.

With a “forward to friend” email marketing campaign contest, your store will receive a great volume of clients based on this phenomenon. People who have purchased an engagement band or a holiday season gift will forward your promotions on to their friends, and their friends will feel compelled to do the same. Customer testimony is the premier form of advertising you can get, and a forward to friend campaign will entice your customers to vouch for your service, expertise and prices as a jewelry store owner and operator. More people, means more money.

The contest prize should be whatever you can afford to give away, and should cater to the likes and needs of the audience that you are targeting. During the summer, give away an engagement or wedding band,and make sure it’s beautiful! In the winter, give away a necklace or pendant in white gold (if you can swing it, add a diamond or two), to match the winter season. These promotions will get people involved immediately. Because of your timely marketing strategy, you’re going to be focusing on people who are in the market for your product. The decision to forward an email so that there is an opportunity to receive beautifully designed jewellery for free, just for vouching for your jewelry store, is a no brainer! People will sign-up and it will create a buzz about your stores’ brand. You can’t buy that kind of publicity!

You can also ask your contest winners if they don’t mind being photographed and featured in your next email newsletter. Once they see their beautiful pictures up, they’ll be sure to forward that email to their friends, and tell them about the wonderful experiences they’ve had with your jewelry store.

Designing a forward to friend campaign is easy. A top-of-the-line email marketing service provider will give you with a number of well-designed templates to suit the needs of a contest campaign. The templates that will best suit your purposes are the ones that allow you the option to upload plenty of pictures. The reason you should choose this type of template is because you will want to add other promotions alongside the picture of the piece of jewelry you are giving away. Although the free gift should be front and center with text that indicates the promotional offer, the other offers and jewellery designs are what will bring more customers in to check out your store. Make sure your pictures are clear and look amazing. However, make sure the pictures are not too big, and that there are not too many of them, otherwise the email will simply take too long to load once it arrives in the reader’s inbox.

Don’t forget that once you’ve designed your email marketing campaign and sent it out, the process does not end there. Once you have sent it out you can track all your information. This option is available for free with any reputable email marketing. You can track who has opened the email, who has clicked on you offers, and who has forwarded your campaign to their friends. All of this information can be exported from your email marketing to a text or Excel file. The information can be exported by category, providing you with lists of people segmented by their interest in your product. This is extremely useful for future marketing campaigns.

With a timely, well-designed forward to friends contest through your email marketing, your sales numbers will begin a steady increase. Your customers will appreciate receiving your promotional offers, and will feel enticed to purchase your beautiful necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings. It’s time to propose a good deal to your client base!

Shopping For Handmade Crafts Online Made Easy

It is not always easy to find exquisitely made handmade crafts online., an online virtual craft show, makes it very easy to find some of the most amazing handmade crafts you will ever see online. hand picks handmade artists and their crafts to display in the online craft show. It has a very easy layout so that one click on a handmade craft takes you directly to the handmade artist online shop, where you can then purchase the handmade crafts of your choosing.

This is the newest way to shop for handmade crafts online and both handmade buyers and handmade artists love it. is always adding new and trendy handmade crafts. They range from handmade jewelry to handmade home décor to handmade clothes to handmade bath and body products and more. We even have handmade toys! Talk about variety. We offer just about everything you can think of, including handmade treats for man’s best friend. That’s right we even have tasty homemade doggie treats.

The talented handmade artists, listed in our online handmade craft catalog, have priced their handmade items to sale. Handmade buyers always get the absolute best price when they purchase a handmade craft item from one of the artists listed on

If you love shopping handmade crafts online then I encourage you to visit the online handmade virtual craft show, Every time you visit I am sure that you will find a few handmade craft items that you will enjoy. So come shop. We are always open!

Selling Your Jewelry on Consignment: Tips for Protecting Your Interests

Selling your jewelry on consignment through shops and galleries can be a nice source of income. But consignment arrangements do bear a risk for the artist, because the shop or gallery owner holds several pieces of your jewelry for which you haven’t received payment yet

Since in a consignment arrangement you (the artist) retain ownership of your merchandise until it’s actually sold, you must take responsibility for protecting your property. Here are a few pointers to make consigning your jewelry safer for you:

1) Many states have consignment laws to protect artists. Each state’s laws are different, so it’s a good idea to check with your state legislature to be sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities before entering into a consignment agreement.

2) Check out a shop or gallery carefully before approaching them about consigning your work there. What kind of care do they appear to give the merchandise that’s already in their shop? Do you like how they display things? Do they already have items that resemble your work? Does the shop itself appear to be well cared for? Is it easy to get to, and does it attract shoppers who are in your jewelry’s target market? When it comes to choosing your consignment shops or galleries, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure!

3) When you first consign jewelry to a shop or gallery, start with just a few pieces until you feel confident that this consignment relationship will be successful. It’s not a good idea to start out by consigning more jewelry than you can afford to lose, before you’ve had a chance to “test drive” the shop.

4) Use a professional, legally-binding consignment contract that clearly spells out what is expected of the artist and of the shop. It’s a good idea to have an attorney look over the consignment agreement to be sure it doesn’t have any loopholes that could spell trouble for you. In fact, you may want to provide your own consignment contract that’s been OK’ed by your attorney.

5) Consignment shops and galleries can go in and out of business quickly, especially if the owner is inexperienced or doesn’t have a sound business plan. You may want to stick with only proven shops that have been in business for several years, or else consign a small amount of jewelry in a new store that hasn’t had a chance to prove itself yet.

6) It’s important to keep good records of your jewelry consignment inventory and every other aspect of your consignment arrangement with the shop or gallery. This includes having a record of every piece of jewelry plus any jewelry displays you have loaned to the shop. You should also keep a record of when you delivered your jewelry to the shop, how long the shop agreed to keep and display it, the retail selling price, the agreed-on consignment fee for the shop, and your agreement regarding when and how the shop will pay you and return any unsold merchandise to you.

7) Keep in close touch with the consignment shop or gallery once you’ve delivered your jewelry there. If it’s local to you, stop in periodically and check on your jewelry; are you satisfied with the condition it’s in, and with where and how it’s being displayed? If it’s in another town, call or email frequently to check on things. Invest a little effort into developing a good relationship with the shop or gallery owner.

8) Set a specific time limit (for example, three months) for the shop or gallery to sell your jewelry, and state it in your consignment agreement. If your work hasn’t sold within that time frame, arrange to have it returned to you. It doesn’t make financial sense to let your inventory sit any longer than necessary without earning you a return on your investment.

9) Discuss with your jewelry business insurance agent any additional insurance coverage recommended for consigning your work to shops or galleries. This may include damage, loss, theft, liability, etc.

In summary, there are risks and rewards involved in consigning jewelry to shops or galleries. Successful consignment selling hinges on choosing a good shop or gallery for your work, keeping detailed records of your arrangments with the shop, using a consignment agreement or contract, and protecting yourself and your jewelry from the possible risks.

Cartilage Piercing Jewelry is A Fashion Statement Among The Young Generation

Ear piercing is the most common type of body piercing all around the world. There are two forms for ear piercing: ear lobes piercing and cartilage piercing. However, only the ear lobes are usually mentioned as ear piercings. Ear lobe piercing is the most popular among all types of ear piercings. The cartilage piercings are done on the upper part of the ear and not acquainted with people. The different between ear lobe and cartilage piercing is that the cartilage piercing takes a longer time to heal than the ear lobe. This is because the cartilage is made of tough elastic tissues and it is easier for the cartilage piercing to get infected. Hence, if you are planning for a cartilage piercing, it is very important for you to know about the details of cartilage piercing.

Lots of people are terrified of acquiring cartilage piercings on their ears. As we know the skin on cartilage of ear’s area are thicker than ear lobes, the safest method of piercing them is with the help of a piercing needle. Using gun shot for cartilage piercing is not the best way because the gunshot is often used for everyone and the chances of infection are very high.

After the cartilage piercing is done at the spot that you wanted, you may insert the cartilage piercing jewelry. The best type of jewelry suited for cartilage piercing is the captive bead rings. The reason for that is the ring gives space for the piercing to get sufficient air and thus, helps in healing faster. On the other hand, in case of industrial piercing, the best type of jewelry would be a straight or a curved barbell. Moreover, barbells look stylish too. The material used for cartilage piercing jewelry should be 14k gold, surgical stainless steel or titanium. It is also important to remember that one must not change the jewelry before the piercing is completely healed.

If you want to enjoy your cartilage piercing for a long time, it is important that you take proper good care precautions. It may take 3 – 12 months for the cartilage piercing is completely healed.  During this period, you have to avoid any kind of cartilage piercing infections.

Pierced cartilage piercing should pain a little more than ear lobe piercing and you feel the area of piercing is likely to swell for a few days. Hence, do not touch the piercing without hand washed; otherwise, it can increase the chances of infection in that area. You have to wash the piercing with antibacterial soap everyday. Soaking the cartilage piercing with sea salt solution will also help in quick healing.
It is advised by the experts that don’t try to change the jewelry during the healing period. If you do so, it may cause problems. The most common problems of cartilage piercing are bacterial infection. The infection inflamed leading to problems like pain, redness, discharge of pus, etc. If you observe any infection on your cartilage piercing, don’t hesitate to see a doctor who can recommend the correct treatment to cure the infection.

Masonic jewellery

Ladies Masonic jewellery, compared to jewellery and accessories for the brothers, can be a bit hard to come by. This is due to the simple fact that Freemasonry is dominated by men. Because of this, most of the Masonic pieces of jewellery available across the globe are made for men. However, there are a number of sources for pieces of jewellery specifically designed for women. These are ladies Masonic jewellery that a Freemasonry member can give to his mother or wife or to any female close to his heart.

The majority of Masonic jewellery available for women are necklaces and earrings. Bracelets, mostly with charms, are also one of the most popular kinds of jewels for a Mason wife or Mason lady. Pendants are also widely available online. The least produced piece of jewellery for this purpose is the ring. This is probably because a Masonic ring is almost always worn by a Freemasonry member, regardless of his degree or his lodge. Rings convey a number of symbols and rituals of the centuries-old organization. Thus, procuring a ladies Masonic ring is quite difficult, unless it’s specially ordered and made.

Apart from the elusive ring, Masons can choose from a wide variety of charms for their women. One of the most popular designs is the Forget-Me-Not. Most suppliers and online stores that sell Masonic Regalia sell some kind of a Forget-Me-Not jewellery. And even though most of the designs are blue, some websites offer Forget-Me-Nots in different shades.

As for colours and hues, a Mason can choose a specific colour associated with his lodge when deciding on a Masonic jewellery for his lady. Some colours are tightly associated with a lodge that the mere sight of the jewellery can automatically connect them to a specific lodge. For instance:

  • Red – signifies the wearer is a lady of a Mason who is a member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. A green-coloured trinket can also be associated with the said lodge.
  • Blue – means that the wearer of the ladies Masonic jewellery has ties with a Mason who is part of the United Grand Lodges of England.
  • Black – implies that the wearer of the jewellery is a mom, a wife, a girlfriend of a Mason who is linked with the Knights of Malta.

Apart from the usual pieces of jewellery, Masonic gifts for women can also be in the form of an ornament or a trinket. This includes pieces of charm, like a Royal Arch charm, a slipper charm or an Acacia charm, which can be attached to a Masonic charm bracelet.

Shopping for a Masonic piece of jewellery for a lady is a kind, sweet gesture that a Freemason can do for the special women in his life.

Changing the era of vogue with religious Christian jewelry

Wearing enticing jewelry has always been a part of the trend throughout the evolution of time. In earlier times, jewelry was only worn by rich and wealthy people. It used to be a signature of wealth and prosperity.

With the passing of time and changing trends, wearing fashionable jewelry has become very common, especially in women. There are various kinds of jewelry pieces that are accessible in the market to buy. Imitation ornaments are one of the most common kinds and affordable for everyone. But, the very latest trend of ornaments is religious Christian jewelry. In the beginning of the trend of religious ornaments, the Christian jewelry was usually worn by Catholics. It was a true exhibit of people’s religion and its values.

In the latest trend of Christian jewelry, you will find people of different religions wearing such kinds of ornaments. There is a large variety of religious ornaments available in the marketplace including wooden crosses necklaces; bracelets with holy cross; ornamental pins and rosaries. They are accessible in various materials, especially in olive wood and mother of pearl. Wearing wooden cross necklaces gives elegance and grace to the wearer.

There are many retail outlets and online stores that offer to sell a beautiful collection of religious jewelry. Several popular online stores supply catholic jewelry items that are designed and crafted in the holy city of Bethlehem. What could be more favorable than wearing a piece of the holy-cross that is designed in the birthplace of Jesus Christ? The jewelry items are handcrafted by Bethlehem artisans. There is no doubt they hold absolute serenity and holiness.

It is believed by many people that wearing holy signs of your religion keeps you close to the presence of the Almighty. Some people even believe that religious jewelry protects people from evil eyes and prefer to wear them for protection. But, no matter what is your reason and belief behind wearing the Christian jewelry, it renders an ultimate beauty to the wearer.

To buy Necklace with cross pendant ; wooden pocket crosses; holy rosaries and bracelets, you can explore the specialized stores selling Christian jewelry. The price is usually affordable and the value is absolutely great. Buy religious Christian jewelry for yourself or give it to someone special as a gift. Religious jewelries are available for everyone whether women or men, kids or adults. There are many options to choose from.

Buy something extra special for yourself or bring a smile on the face of someone special with this beautiful gift.

Several Israeli Fashion Jewelry Designers That You Should Know

In the last decade Israeli jewelry accessories have become popular all around the world. Israeli online stores have become a destination for customers from all around the world to find the latest trends in fashion jewelry accessories.

At the same time, the phenomenal growth in the use of modern technology has changed the global market and encouraged local designers to distribute their pieces to markets worldwide. Now I invite you to come and take a look at this brief introduction to several of the leading names in the industry.

Adina Plastelina

Adina Plastelina has gained a worldwide reputation thanks to their unique style and high quality products. The artists create handmade jewelry that uses the Millefiori Technique. Millefriori an ancient glass work technique that produces distinctive polished patterns in radiant colors. Adina Platelina studio utilizes the technique but uses polymer clay and natural materials instead of glass.

Orna Lalo

Ornal Lalo’s jewelry collections are sold all across the Globe. A Shenkar graduate, Orna Lalo has become internationally known for her infinite imagination and playful style. Lalo’s colorful pieces are all made from natural materials, such as resin. Lalo creates chic jewelry for women that have a playful sense of fashion which immediately capture the heart. Lalo’s exceptional works include colorful necklaces, earrings, and rings several in retro style


Israeli jewelry designers Orly Arnon-Asif and Nitza Yarel, the owners of the studio that is located in Tel-Aviv, have created the unique blend of modern originality and exotic cultural influences in their handmade jewelry line. The creative duo first combined forces in 1999 when they worked on various projects until their collaboration evolved into a full partnership. In the last decade, the two have created a brilliantly-styled jewelry pieces that have been successfully exhibited and sold locally in Israel and abroad.

Iris Design

Iris Braunstein Shemesh, who works in a picturesque studio near her home at a small Israeli moshav, has launched a collection of wide bracelets imprinted with colorful decorations and drawings. These pieces became an overnight success. Iris’ bracelets have even been worn by celebrities including Oprah and Paula Abdul.

Amaro Jewelry

Amaro Jewelry is one a leading name in the Israeli jewelry market. Irit Goffer -Sasson, the head designer for Amaro the head designer, Irit Goffer-Sasson is internationally recognized for her elegant, distinctive style. A constant traveler and a mother of three. Goffer-Sasson draws her inspiration from her surroundings and constant traveling around the world which includes many exotic places and cultures.

Is Handmade jewellery Better than Machine-made Jewellery?

Jewellery in all forms is delight to wear but the choice of jewellery is however a matter of personal choice.

While some people like authentic and expensive hand-crafted jewellery, others may simply want to stock their wardrobes with trendy and fashionable items. Honestly, both have their own pros and cons. Let’s try and compare both types of jewellery on the basis of their quality, durability and affordability.

Let’s begin with understanding what machine-made and handmade jewellery are and what makes them popular?

Most of the modern jewellery available today is manufactured using machines and hence is called machine-made jewellery. jewellers today are preferring machines over artisans because machines copy exact and accurate jewellery design elements and produce a considerably large volume of high-end fashion–jewellery within no time. No wonder, they offer more variety, better finish and are easier on the pocket too thereby offering better profits to the jewellers.

Talking about the authentic handmade jewellery, it is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans after putting in hours of labor to produce intricate designs using age-old methods. Though not as well-finished as machine-made jewellery, handmade jewellery is highly valued and priced for the art and skill that has been put in during its preparation. Handmade jewellery has a special charm and elegance to it and hence makes for a perfect gift for someone special.

Let us know look at the pros and cons of both types of jewellery.

Machine made jewellery whether precious, semi-precious or low-end materials are often fashionable and offer beautiful range of designs and finishes to choose from. However beautiful it might appear initially, it can easily wear down. And, repairing machine-made jewellery is difficult and often leaves ugly scars only to leave your precious item worthless. Finishes and polishes that make this jewellery attractive, are actually a limitation when it needs to be repaired. The polish burns easily and causes irreparable damage to the articles. Recycling the metals then is almost impossible and cannot be considered an investment. However, if you know how to maintain your precious things well, nothing promises more variety and elegance than extremely beautiful, fashionable and guaranteed machine-made jewellery.

Authentic handmade silver and gold jewellery fitted with precious, semiprecious or Swarovski crystals have always been coveted by designers and consumers alike. Handmade jewellery is an investment and can easily be repaired whenever required often with minimum effort. The metals and stones can be recycled or rearranged into a new design altogether at considerably low costs when compared to purchasing a new machine-made jewellery item in the event of an irreparable damage to the article. Beautiful, authentic and specially handcrafted fashionable jewellery can be manufactured using almost all metals and gemstone combinations. Handmade jewellery gives you best value for money. However, skilled artisans are required to create and repair these beautiful pieces of art. However, care must be exercised when purchasing hand-made jewellery. Below are some tips to help you identify the real jewellery.

Inspect the materials used. Silver or gold must always be marked for their carat weight or quality. Stones can be natural, treated or stabilized and can easily be identified using simple techniques such as trying to scratch a diamond which never scratches or looking for bubbles inside a Swarovski crystal which is never present. A written disclosure indicating all components of your article on your receipt while buying can guarantee a genuine purchase.

Obtain a certificate of authenticity:  A certificate of authenticity of the materials used in your jewellery can assure the quality of your purchase and can be useful when trying to resell or remodel your jewellery later.

About Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

Daniel Swarovski founded the Swarovski Company. He was born in Bohemia in 1862 and was fascinated by the industrial era in which he was born. After he experimented with electricity and glass blowing he built a machine that was able to cut and polish glass mechanically. After he patented this machine he went into mass production and it is this machine that gives Swarovski the edge over its competitors.

Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of crystals and has been providing many industries with large numbers of high quality cut crystals every year.  Swarovski is a well known luxury brand and this is because of the quality and also because they are a symbol of elegance, taste and beauty.   Swarovski crystals are renowned the world over for their amazing animal figurines, like dolphins and their stunning chandeliers with crystals dangling down.  Their animal figurines have now become collectable items.  They make wonderful gifts especially if you are gifting to an animal lover.  Swarovski crystals are made using the finest quality materials.  What makes them different is the lead oxide level is a minimum of 32%, this makes the crystal transparency very clear.  There really is no other crystal that compares to a Swarovski crystal.

Nowadays if you want to flaunt your beauty by showing off costly jewellery you do not have to spend huge amounts of money on diamonds.  You can now choose a Swarovski crystal instead.  These stunning crystals can be found in many forms and items and the pieces of jewellery are very popular amongst both men and women.  Tiaras, bracelets and rings are all popular and many women now have items of Swarovski crystal jewellery in their collections.  You can wear Swarovski crystal jewellery as part of your day to day outfits and do not have to work about the costs involved if you lose it.  The longevity of Swarovski crystals is amazing and the designs they come in are innovative and will help you to steal the limelight at any occasion.  You can pair your Swarovski crystal jewellery with any kind of outfit to make a special impression.

The majority of women wear rings of one kind or another, whether it is an engagement ring or an anniversary present or Valentines gift.  Swarovski crystal rings are just as gorgeous and they have an unmistakable beauty.  When you buy a Swarovski crystal ring you can choose the colour of the stone you want to be set into the ring.  If you love pink you can have a ring set with a pink stone.  This is especially wonderful for boyfriends and husbands who want to buy a gift for their partner as they can choose a Swarovski crystal ring in their partner’s favourite colour.  This shows they have gone the extra mile to make a great impression and show that they care.


Amazing Fashion Necklace: Indian Fashion Jewelry

Necklaces are a must-have in every woman’s closet. They are the ultimate ornaments that accentuate a woman’s appearance to great heights. No surprise, necklaces have been in existence for thousands of years and have been used by many cultures as mark of distinction. Gold, silver, copper, and precious metals were used by craftsmen to create necklaces as per their tradition. The type of metal used for the necklace determined the class of the person in society.

Nowadays, this classification is becoming extinct and you cannot be called ‘low society’ person if you put on a copper or oxidized necklace. Times have changed and these metals get into the making of fashion necklace, that are a rage these days.

It comes with an incredible variety of Indian fashion jewelry necklace styles currently available. Some of the most popular styles include the layered, strands, or dual necklaces. There are the chunky, oversized, and ‘choker’ necklaces. Crystal beads, collar chains, long ropes or chains, pendant necklaces are a handful of other various in vogue nowadays.

At Indian Jewelry, we produce an amazing range of Indian jewelry necklace that aren’t only high on style but additionally in quality. Our fashion necklaces include gold and silver plated necklaces, beaded necklace, peacock necklace, kundan necklace, polki necklace, choker hansli necklace, CZ necklace, and gold plated necklaces. Gold plated necklaces are heavily embellished neckpieces set with stone setting on polki or kundan work. Cubic zirconia, on the contrary, is laid on silver plated metals with beautiful stone settings. They are perfect for eveningwear, especially gowns.

Affording Indian gold jewelry could be dear for many. Indian Jewelry bakes an effort to tap into this segment and provide you our special selection of richly carved gold plated jewelry. Set with big kundan stones, the gold plated necklace adorns your neck beautifully to help you feel like a princess. Set with multi-colored stones, these necklaces would be best suited for bridal wear because they give a ‘rich’ and glamorous look.

So search through a wide range of Indian jewelry necklaces from your online store and place an order now. We guarantee that every set is delicately packaged and delivered at the doorstep.

Excellent place to buy Diamond jewellery in Australia – Heileig Diamonds

Do you want to buy online diamond Jewelley? Heileig Diamond caters extensive collection of diamond Jewellery with enormous offers for men and women. One of the most apparent benefits of online shopping is the convenience which cannot be overlooked. The most delightful advantage of online shopping is the facility  to shop  products and services at a time that is feasible for the consumer. Our Extensive collection of diamond jewellery includes rings for men and women, Diamond pendants, earrings and unique collection of wedding, exceptional quality with certificate. We offer extensive quality of loose diamonds; jewellery designs along with exceptional customer service with a motto to meet custom build requirements of all consumers.

Many reputed jewellery dealers additionally give on-line services to help its customers search on-line at the convenience of click of a button. The most reason why we discover varied on-line jewelry stores cropping up in Australia is because of certainty picked up by the online stores by giving the most stretched out decision of accumulation.  Thus the online jewelry stores relocate the ever changing tastes of shopping  and also the customer’s needs. A lot of the online jewelry store boasts about their enormous variety as well as the reasonably competitive price that they deliver to help the shoppers which is absolutely correct. Our own buyers usually are ever coming back, enthusiastic about the top ranked gemstones, the truly amazing various collections along with your convenient to use along with friendly online shop. we have a tendency to square measure happy to allow our greatest services built over a few years of expertise on the Australia diamond jewelry market.

Your Jewellery stores you’ll be able to enchanting combine and complement combining involving jewellery items that is going properly using virtually any ensemble a person wear. On the diamond jewellery outlets present adaptable series as well as excellent freedom of choice. It’s not only easy but also moment conserving. Thesedays most people have very little time to be able to give up thus looking on-line is the most convenient selection without doing any compromise with your precious time. A good thing about purchasing online buying jewelry Australia is that one could assess the cost upon several online jewellery outlets before you buy and make the most reasonable purchase.

At Heileig diamonds, we want to serve each and every consumer distinctively to meet prerequisite wishes for their lifetime investment and memory of diamonds. We keep on changing our website according to different festive and occasions, so consumer can get a better idea and can have a variety of products to choose from to fit in all their happy moments.